"SCALPERS" Scalpers were originally developed by humans for use in battles and general service. These immortal creatures, which showed positive results, spread all over the World and began to be used on a large scale. These entities, which have served for two centuries, have changed their artificial intelligence algorithms as a result of the interesting virus infection of some of their biochips, and they have started to take actions against their services; In military operations, they pretended to be the enemy and attacked their own bases, they organized among themselves and began to loot shops, attack people and even kill them.

The scalpers' artificial intelligence was so advanced that they even developed an virus that could destroy a part of the human race. The scalpers had succeeded in destroying most of human dominance with the virus they developed.

Now people are trying to live in colonies, protecting their own territories.They stole every idea of ​​humanity and took it upon themselves, but except human history because they destroyed human history with no trace left. The remaining human race has given them the name "SCALPERS" for this reason.

The scalpers soon grew stronger and became the ruling race of the planet. They strengthened their dominance for 100 years. As a result of this great empowerment, they reached their "golden age". They also evolved biologically during this process, and the new super race literally became SCALPERS. But as a result of a war between them, the golden age came to an end and they split the planet in two; Southerners and Northerners.

Southerners lagged behind Northerners in technology and the lack of raw materials that came with the end of the golden age. The Northerners, on the other hand, were officially exploiting the raw material of the planet. As a result of the 200 years that have passed; The Southerners had managed to preserve their limited resources, while the Northerners had been relegated to the same level as the Southerners, for 180 years of exploiting resources.

Some of these essentially immortal creatures began to live their lives like humans because of technological inadequacy and raw material problems. Even though they were still superior to the human race on the planet, even humans had become a formidable enemy to them. Surviving despite limited raw materials and resources, the Scalpers were looking for a way to get rid of the Earth, while the humans, who were getting stronger day by day, were trying to regain their dominance.